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NOMAD Bread & Coffee

NOMAD Bread & Coffee, a sourdough bakery and specialty coffee house in Limassol.

All our bread is made with 100% sourdough and slow fermentation methods. These techniques help enhance the natural aromas present in the flour, making the bread superior in taste than traditional yeast breads. At the same time, slowly fermented bread has a lower glycemic index and is more digestible, in other words, gut friendly.

Enjoy with butter or with as a delicious melted cheese toastie!

The Underdog

The Underdog is the number one most awarded coffee roaster in Greece. With 22 trophies on the table(16 in National + 6 in World championships) has given Greece global recognition in the coffee scene, with 2nd and 4th place in the World barista championship in 2019 and 2018 as well as ranking in the top 10 in the World Coffee roasting championship.

Masters of their craft, roasting only top quality ethically grown specialty coffee!

"Give us a shout for your daily office supply of ground or unground coffee beans."


Awarded as the best patisserie on the island, Kalopesas has been a serious contributor into moving the Cypriot pastry scene into the next level. Using only quality ingredients and techniques he crafts luxury pastries to satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth.

Enjoy with a coffee, as your daily sugar dose or grab a large cake for your special occasions or visits.

Kusmi Tea

For the last 150 years, our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the best tea has to offer. Accessible, delicious, optimistic and organic teas, Kusmi Tea recipes are made to be shared, they unite novices and connoisseurs around the universal emotion of pleasure. This is more than tea; our creations are revolutionizing the art of blends. Our expertise born of trusting in liberated inspiration. And as the richness of our blends is drawn from the diversity of the natural world, we have a duty to preserve this source of inspiration. This is why we are pledging to exclusively use natural flavors and organic teas in our recipes. Welcome to Kusmi, unapologetic teas made in Normandy. Kusmi Tea, quoi de plus naturel*


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Phone: +357 25 254 520 (press to call)

Email: [email protected]



Gladstonos: Shop 4, 120 Gladstonos Street, Limassol, 3032
Germasogeia: 3 Profiti Ilia Street, MAS Supermaket, Germasogeia
Theklas Lysioti: Theklas Lysioti 29, 3030, Limassol


Pindarou: Pindarou 20, Nicosia, 1060

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All our bread is 100% sourdough. We slowly ferment our dough which in result makes it, low glycemic, and great for the gut! Guild free bread.
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